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God’s Mysterious Ways


God’s mysterious ways

 God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?  At least, they seem mysterious to me.  But the Bible tells us that God’s ways are not man’s ways.  So, it makes sense that His ways are mysterious to me. What’s cool about the way that God works is that He individualizes His plan for each of us.

This blog came about through God’s specific direction.  Some things seem to take a long time in the planning, but in this instance, due to ubiquitous technology, the thought immediately became the action.

I had been in prayer and studying Deuteronomy and looking for God’s direction—not in any specific way, as I said in my introductory blog, but just in general.  I have been impressed of late that God intends writing to be a bigger part of my future, but I was thinking more along the lines of fiction writing.

I had been thinking a lot about how Moses had been in the wilderness for 40 years and then God had suddenly called Him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  I had been in prayer that morning.  I had been reading God’s Word that morning.  I decided to tune into a Joyce Meyer show, and her show was followed by Richard Roberts.

It is hard to describe how God puts things together, but Joyce Meyer was talking about Elijah and Jonah, and Richard Roberts was talking about Moses.  Three specific statements came to me from these two teachings.

  •  What are you doing here? (This is what God asked Elijah.)
  • Arise and go. (This is what God told Jonah.)
  • What do you have in your hand? (This is what God asked Moses.)

As I pondered these questions in my own life, the last one struck me.  “What do you have in your hand?” the Lord asked me.  I looked down.  I had a pen in my hand.

“Use what you have in your hand,” the Lord said.

Okay, Lord, I thought.  A pen.  I write with a pen.  You have been leading me to write.  What should I write?  A blog.  God told me to write a blog.

That’s how this came to be.  And it does make sense to me.  In order to be a writer, one needs to write.  This provides a reason for me to write, even if no one ever reads it.  And perhaps it may lead to other things.  These initial blogs have been based on my devotions and things I am gleaning from the Word.  However, a blog by its very nature allows one to write about anything.  Who knows where this will lead?  Only God.  He has a plan.  How wonderful are His mysterious ways.

Until next time…


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