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Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

The world is cruel, Lord.
I am so lost.
Why am I here?
Are you there?
Is there a purpose and plan for me?
I have been seeking, it seems, my whole life.

I am happy to hear from you, daughter.
Now that you are looking to me,
Your life’s plan will be revealed.
My way is a narrow way,
But it leads to life everlasting.
I’ve been waiting for you, child, since time began.

The world is beautiful, Lord.
I am so joyful.
Who can I help?
Where will you send me?
What do you have for me to do?
I am ready, Lord, to give you my whole life.

I am pleased with your attitude, daughter.
Be guided by My Spirit.
You can help your neighbor.
I will send you to the lost and dying.
I want you to spread my love.
You are my hands and feet in declaring My Kingdom.

I’m tired of these mundane tasks, Lord.
There is no reward.
Are my skills too limited?
Is my faith too weak?
Don’t you have something important for me to do?
I’ve been training, it seems, for many years.

Your eyes are on yourself, daughter.
Keep your eyes on me.
Jesus deserves the glory;
You must decrease;
He must increase.
I want My glory to be revealed in you.

There is so much to do, Lord.
I am overwhelmed.
Why are the sick not healed?
Where are provisions for the poor?
Why do evil men succeed?
I’ve been praying, it seems, forever.

Remember what I have done, daughter.
Count your blessings
Rejoice in the present moment.
Give thanks, for it is good.
I have everything under control.
My Plan will be accomplished.

The weariness is hard, Lord.
I’m so tired.
When will it end?
When will you rescue me?
When will there be rest?
I’ve been working, it seems, my whole life.

I’ve heard this from you before, daughter.
Do not look wearily at the tasks;
Keep your eyes on Me.
Rest in Me.
I am your Hiding Place;
My yoke is easy; My burden is light.

The race is long, Lord.
But I am so energized.
What do you have to teach me?
Who do you want me to help?
What can I accomplish for Your Kingdom?
I am running to you, Lord, with my whole heart.

I am glad to hear this from you, daughter.
At each stage, I have watched you grow.
Glance behind.
Many now follow your lead.
The finish line is not far off.
Stay strong for the last stage of the journey.

I have finished the race, Lord.
My time is appointed.
When will I see You?
Have I pleased You?
Do You have a place prepared for me?
I am coming to you, Lord, for eternal life.

I am glad to see you, daughter.
Well done, thou good and faithful servant.
You have run the race well.
Receive now your prize.
Your home is ready.
Enter into your eternal rest.

Until next time,


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