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Plain Wrappings


The package wasn’t pretty,
Tied with ribbon or with bows—
No decorative, shiny paper
Where the light reflects and glows—
Just a simple, plain brown wrapping
Covered what was held inside,
But my son stretched out his arms to me
And give the gift with pride.
For his little hands had crafted something special just for me,
And I knew it didn’t matter what it was, for I could see
The love that emanated from his shining, little face—
A love that was the treasure that I never could replace.

The package wasn’t pretty.
In fact, it was quite plain.
No kingly crib or royal robes
Were used the night He came.
Just a stall and simple manger bed
The night of His Royal birth.
Nothing there to indicate
The Gift’s incomparable worth.
The Son born to the world that night
Set aside His Kingly mien
To come and save mankind from sin
To heal and make them clean.
Just a simple swaddling cloth contained
The Gift that was held inside.
A Son whose arms stretched out for me
As on a cross He died.
He was the Gift I needed
To redeem my sin-filled soul,
To restore me to His family,
To save and make me whole.
So I took the Gift He offered,
Love shining from His face.
I received His love, forgiveness,
And His truly amazing grace.
For His gift was personally crafted especially for me
And I know it matters more than any other gift I see.
For the love that’s emanating from His glorious, shining face
Is a love that is a treasure that I never can replace.

So celebrate the Christ child
And receive the best Gift ever.
Eternal life, forgiveness,
And a home with Him forever.

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