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Bible Study – SOAP – Part 3



Here’s a method of Bible study I learned recently. Though it is similar to something I taught in English, I had never seen this one before. I like it because it focuses on one verse at a time.

S stands for SCRIPTURE- Turn to your Bible reading for the day. Read until a particular verse stands out to you in some way. Stop there and begin analyzing using that one verse.

O stands for OBSERVATION – Write down as many things as you can about the verse.  What do you notice? What questions do you have?  Write down anything that comes to mind.

A stands for APPLICATION – Look at the observations you have made about the scripture and ask yourself how these things apply or could apply to your own life.  Be specific. What have you learned or can you learn from this verse?

P stands for PRAYER – Write down the application that you will apply to your life.  Then pray and ask God to help you accomplish that.  If you feel you didn’t find any specific thing to apply, ask God to reveal something to you.

This is a simple, straightforward method of study, but I have learned it can have powerful results.

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