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For Fathers (Proverbs 31)


A Virtuous Husband

A strong, sensitive, and spiritual husband—who is she that can find him?

He is far more precious than solid bars of gold, and his value is far above the wealth of Wall Street.

The heart of his wife trusts implicitly in his priesthood of their home, confidently relying in his spiritual wisdom.

He comforts, cares for, supports, and partners her in all their endeavors, and supports her and their offspring as long as there is life within him.

He spends quality time with each child in his family, learning the child’s bent and seeking to develop his or her potential to its fullest.

He finds joy in the accomplishments of his family.

He rises while it is early to study and seek God’s will for his life and the life of his loved ones, and stays up late praying for the growth and safety of his children.

He works diligently to provide for his family.  He considers business decisions in Godly context and does all things with integrity, ensuring his family’s future and well-being to the best of his God-given abilities.

He does not worry over his children’s futures for he has provided a solid spiritual and economic foundation from which to launch them.

He looks well to the care of his home and property and gives excellent care to those material things which God has provided.

He manages the family finances, giving tithes to the Lord and contributing to the needs of the poor and lost.

He is a leader among men and an example to all who know him, and provides whatever help he can to his neighbor.

He opens his hand to his friends and neighbors and shares the fruits of God’s bounty wherever he can.

He speaks words of Godly wisdom and is a father and spiritual guide to all whom the Lord brings across his path.

His children honor him and respect his advice, and he is blessed with grandchildren in his latter years.

He knows the importance of rest and relationships and takes time to celebrate the Lord’s Day and family events.

He takes time to acknowledge his wife—his life partner—and is sensitive to her needs.  He is rewarded with a solid bond, lasting through golden years.

Many sons have done virtuously, but you exceed them all.

Brains and good looks are deceptive, and physical strength is vain, but a man who lives with God as Lord of his life shall be praised.


Designed for Service to the King


I was designed for service to the King,
Uniquely made for His Purpose and Plan.

He gave me eyes to see His people’s needs.
He gave me ears to hear His children’s cries.
He gave me a voice to speak on their behalf.
He gave me hands to minister to their flesh.
He gave me legs to stand in strength and lead.
He gave me feet to go and serve.
He filled my mind with knowledge for action.

Yet something was missing.
Gifts, talents, tools, and vision—all provided.
But I had no heart.
Blinded by self-love, the darkness enveloped me.

My eyes saw only my own situation.
My ears heard only the world’s accolades.
My voice spoke only for myself.
My hands grabbed greedily for all that was mine.
My arms held only the possessions I had gained.
My legs stood firmly to defend what I had gathered.
My feet rooted deeply to my pleasant, personal space.
My mind perceived only plans of fortune and fame.

I could not serve the King.

But then Jesus drew me to the Cross, where
My eyes saw His bruised and bleeding body.
My ears heard His agonized cries, as His Father turned away.
His Voice asked humbly forgiveness for His enemies.
His Hands pierced deeply with nails for my sins.
His Arms spread wide with love, even in death.
His legs bent meekly, in obedience to His Father’s will.
His feet anchored willingly, sacrificing His freedom.
His mind set purposefully, to accomplish the Father’s Plan.

Suddenly, blinders fell from my lustful eyes.
Worldly admiration no longer clogged my desirous ears.
My voice cried out for forgiveness, lovingly granted.
My arms released all worldly wealth;
My hands let go of greedy grasping.
My legs, no longer bound, stood against the darkness,
And my feet were freed to carry the Light.

My eyes now see His heart of love.
My ears are tuned to His whispered instruction.
My voice sings joyfully of His goodness.
My arms are raised in worship,
And my hands clap with praise.
My legs kneel in reverence,
And my feet dance with joy!

He gave me eyes to see beyond their needs—a vision of His Perfect Plan.
He gave me ears to hear His calling—a call to His Perfect Purpose.
He gave me a voice that travels around the globe—to touch all His People.
He gave me arms that extend beyond my reach—to all of His Creation.
He gave me hands to heal—an instrument of His Anointing.
He gave me legs to stand for good—a leader for His Army.
He gave me feet to walk—guided by His Truth.
He gave me a mind to comprehend—the scope of His Presence and Power.

I was designed for service to the King,
Uniquely made for His Purpose and Plan.

The Shepherds


by C. K Widmayer

Evening comes; sheep safely in the fold.
Shepherds settle, as in the days of old.
Heat of day turns to pleasant cool.
Dark of night displays a radiant pool
Stars that shine, and twinkle bright on high—
God’s handiwork, amid expanse of sky.

When suddenly, a brightness lights the night.
The shepherds quake and tremble, full of fright.
What is this light, where night appears as day?
Silently, they watch with great dismay.
And then, an Angel speaks to calm their fears.
“I have good news; my message, oh so dear.
Today, today, a Savior has been born.
He is Messiah, the One to be adored.”

“You’ll find this child upon a manger bed,
Wrapped in cloth, where animals are fed.
In the town of David, will He be.”
(The one destined to die upon a tree.)
For all mankind, the joyous message rings.
Spread the news. He’s born the King of Kings.
A heavenly host, with praises fills the air.
“Glory to the One Who is Most Fair.
Peace on earth, good will to men,” they sing.
Shepherds depart to see this glorious thing.

The shepherds left their flocks alone that night.
They wanted to behold the wondrous sight,
Announced to them by the Angel from on high.
They found the babe; in the manger He did lie.
They shared the news announced to them with joy—
Proclaimed about the babe, sweet Mary’s boy.
And quietly, Mary pondered in her heart.
She kept her hopes and fears for her own part.

The shepherds are back to tending sheep,
But now, it is impossible to sleep.
The news entrusted safely to their care—
This message—a message singly rare,
A long-awaited promise now fulfilled.
Hopes and dreams renewed, restored, instilled.
Nothing outward changed in life just yet.
But inwardly, every promise now is met.
A King, the long-awaited one, has come.
God’s perfect plan for victory just begun.

Plain Wrappings


The package wasn’t pretty,
Tied with ribbon or with bows—
No decorative, shiny paper
Where the light reflects and glows—
Just a simple, plain brown wrapping
Covered what was held inside,
But my son stretched out his arms to me
And give the gift with pride.
For his little hands had crafted something special just for me,
And I knew it didn’t matter what it was, for I could see
The love that emanated from his shining, little face—
A love that was the treasure that I never could replace.

The package wasn’t pretty.
In fact, it was quite plain.
No kingly crib or royal robes
Were used the night He came.
Just a stall and simple manger bed
The night of His Royal birth.
Nothing there to indicate
The Gift’s incomparable worth.
The Son born to the world that night
Set aside His Kingly mien
To come and save mankind from sin
To heal and make them clean.
Just a simple swaddling cloth contained
The Gift that was held inside.
A Son whose arms stretched out for me
As on a cross He died.
He was the Gift I needed
To redeem my sin-filled soul,
To restore me to His family,
To save and make me whole.
So I took the Gift He offered,
Love shining from His face.
I received His love, forgiveness,
And His truly amazing grace.
For His gift was personally crafted especially for me
And I know it matters more than any other gift I see.
For the love that’s emanating from His glorious, shining face
Is a love that is a treasure that I never can replace.

So celebrate the Christ child
And receive the best Gift ever.
Eternal life, forgiveness,
And a home with Him forever.

The Evergreen


I came upon an Evergreen
Its branches stark and bare.
Its edges sharp and prickly,
Poking out everywhere.
Its trunk somewhat misshapen;
Its needles parched and pale
Its roots all bound and withered
Neither hearty, whole, nor hale.
Fading, failing, lifeless
Without love or care.
I took it home to love it,
An opportunity rare.

I propped it in a bucket
And helped it stand upright.
Its branches scraped and bit me;
It put up quite a fight.
A strong and firm foundation
Was needed at the base,
To help rebuild its shape and form—
To bring it back to grace.
I warmed it and I fed it;
I watered it and more,
I offered it my time and help
So it could be restored.

It slowly started trusting.
Letting down its guard.
But next I had to prune it;
A task that proved quite hard.
Branches required trimming
To even out its look—
Snipping, clipping, cutting
All of these it took.
It cried and pleaded, “Stop it.”
But boldly I kept on.
I knew exactly where to cut
Each part, each branch, each frond.

But finally I was finished
With the hard but needful task.
The time had come to lavish love
And let my new tree bask
In love and care and nourishment
And all things being new.
The time had come to bestow gifts,
Many, not a few.
To restore the radiant beauty
That’s lost without the Source.
Without the Giver of the Life
The tree wandered off course.

So I opened up my treasures
And began to trim my tree
To show the world my love for him
To make him glow for me.
I started with some garland
Gold and twinkling bright.
I added light to help him shine
A beacon in the night.
Some ornaments of red and green,
Some beads of gossamer white,
And on the top an angel
To give him added height.

And then, The Lord, He whispered,
“You see what you have done?”
You’ve modeled what I’ve done for you
By giving you My Son.
My child, you are rooted
Grafted in the Vine;
You shine MY LIGHT through all the world
And let them know you’re mine.
Your tree will be a symbol
Of life restored, reborn
A reminder of the birth of Christ
That long ago Christmas morn.”

God’s Artistry


A friend of mine, Mark Eckel, sent his blog to me yesterday called Beauty (Aesthetics). That inspired me to re-read Genesis 1.  That, in turn, inspired this poem.

In the beginning, the earth had no form
Only darkness and no daylight, no dusk, day, or morn
An empty waste—barren, stagnant, unformed
Til the power of God’s spoken Word created, transformed.

God said, “Let there be,” and then there was light.
Next He separated the day from the night.
There was evening and morning; time on earth began.
God saw His work was good and continued with His plan.

God said, “Let there be,” and a firmament appeared—
A huge expanse of water; God’s vision very clear.
He divided all the waters, some above and some below.
God called the firmament Heaven on Day Two, and it was so.

“Let the waters be collected all in one place,”
God said, and then it happened; and in another space
God set apart the dry land separate from the seas.
And then God looked around and said, “I need to make some trees.”

Vegetation sprouted all on God’s command,
Plants yielding seeds and fruits spread across the land.
It was evening; it was morning. The Third Day was done,
And on the Fourth, God lit the sky with stars, moon, and sun.

One great light to rule the day, the lesser for the night.
In the heavens stars to twinkle sparkling and bright.
Tokens set to guide the earth through seasons, days, and years,
Illuminating pathways and calming every fear.

And God observed His handiwork, pleased that it was good;
But He knew he hadn’t finished yet, and so from where He stood
He called forth living creatures throughout the sea to swarm
And every winged bird to soar above the clouds and storms.
Day Five was done. Day Six He made the creatures for the earth—
The livestock and the creeping things, to all did He give birth.

And finally, for His pleasure, God created the first man
To rule the earth and fellowship with Him was all God’s plan.
And for His further pleasure from man’s rib He took and made
The woman as a helpmate to support man all his days.

And God saw all that He had made and deemed it very good.
So on the Seventh Day He took His rest, as workers should.
So here we have the history of how the earth began,
Created by God’s spoken Word and with the Master’s Hand.

Until next time,
C. K. Widmayer

Every Step


Every step I take

Jesus walks beside me.

Every step I take

He has planned for me.

Every step I take

Brings me one day closer.

Every step I take

A lap of victory.

Every step I take

Living in the moment.

Every step I take

Eyes on Calvary.

Every step I take

Living in His purpose.

Every step I take

Praising joyfully.

Every step I take

Serving in His kingdom.

Every step I take,


Every step I take,

Offering peace and kindness.

Every step I take

For others not for me.

Every step I take

Ordained from the beginning.

Every step I take

Beneath His watchful care.

Every step I take

Trusting in His Spirit.

Every step I take

Bathed in faithful prayer.

I am not alone.

Jesus walks beside me.

I am not alone.

God’s Spirit lives in me.

I am not my own.

God paid a ransom for me.

I am His alone

For all eternity.


Until next time,


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