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Okay, you caught me.  This is essentially the same method of study as SOAPSTONE, but simpler.  I believe that SOAPSTONE allows for a more detailed perspective; but sometimes, simple is best.  So, you know the drill:  Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?  Apply these questions to the passage in the most appropriate or significant way.

Who is the passage about? Who is speaking? Also, who is listening?

What is the subject? Is it a problem? Is it a solution? What is the focus?

When is this taking place?  Time of day? Time in Bible? Time of year? Special Occasion? How is the time significant? In relation to what?

Where?  Where is this happening?  Who lives there?  What are their belief systems and cultures? How does this impact what is happening to them and around them?

Why?  Why is the person speaking? Why does the problem exist? Why are people interested?

How? How does this impact the people? the speaker? your life right now? How can this change you?


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