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Resurrecting the Dead


Today my devotions took me to John 11:17-27.  This is the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Interestingly, my mind went to business and other things in our lives.  I believe we can learn a spiritual lesson here that is about more than physical death.  Is there something in your life that feels dead?  Maybe it’s your business.  Maybe you were excited when you first started out but now it feels impossible, slow, or too much work because you haven’t seen things grow as quickly as you want them too.  Maybe it’s not your business but some other area of your life.  It doesn’t matter.  Jesus has the power to not only “bury” our sins when He forgives us but also the power to resurrect the good and positive things in our lives that might be dormant or dead.

When Lazarus died, Martha and Mary’s friends tried to console them. Dictionary.com defines console as to soothe or to comfort.  Friends tried to help Martha and Mary with their grief by offering words.  But words did not solve the problem.  Death was final. . . until Jesus!

When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went out to meet Him.  She did something active while Mary sat at home.  Martha did the wise thing here.  Something in her life was dead, so she went to Jesus for answers.  Her faith demonstrated her belief that Jesus is the Author of Life. She said, “Even now whatever You ask from God, He will grant it to You.” What was Martha hoping for?  Whatever it was, she trusted Jesus.

Jesus can resurrect the dead things in our lives.  If there are areas of your life that need rekindling, whether it is a business, a relationship, a health concern, or something else, ask Jesus to resurrect it.  Go to meet Jesus.  Then, take some action like Martha did.  Have faith in Jesus and do whatever you can on your own.  And then watch as Jesus resurrects the good things.

Living Color


Living Color

by Corinne Widmayer

A life well-lived is sure to be
A spectacle for all to see
Colors rich with autumn’s gold
Speak of a life which is growing old.
A vibrant tablet in reds arrayed,
Crimsons, cranberries, and scarlets displayed.
Offering wisdom that comes with age.

Tried in the furnace of life’s hard plights,
Wisdom born of oranges bright.
Thin, black veins of suffered griefs,
No longer hidden under green young leaves.
Though curled around with edges brown,
The colors foretell a glorious crown.

And though all leaves must fade and die
A heritage waits beyond blue sky.

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